Welcome to the Anna's Music Studio Website, and thanks so much for your interest in piano, guitar or voice lessons!  You can check out my about me section and my Studio Policy to learn more about what I offer in my studio.  My studio is unique to most others in this area for several reasons, here are just a few:

  • I teach not only piano but also guitar and voice and I teach students how to use an instrument to accent their singing voice. 
  • My students learn to be independent musicians which not only boosts self confidence in their music ability but in other areas of their lives as well. 
  • I'm currently the only teacher in our area that offers private one on one lessons for children ages 3-4.
  • I use the Wunderkeys and Piano Pronto methods to help guide all my students in their piano journey.  I use the Full Voice Series to guide all my vocal students and I use various methods to guide my guitarists including Yousician.  
  • My lessons are full of game based learning which allow students to learn their instrument without always touching it.   
  • Technology is a big part of lessons and at home practice.  This allows students to use various tools to help them learn and perform at a professional level.  
  • I invite students to perform with me at various gigs around town, they get the opportunity to perform at a professional level and make their own tips! 
  • I provide practice incentives throughout the course of the year to motivate and encourage students to practice more at home. 
  • I provide affordable lesson options including my new Buddy Lessons system.  Read more about this below.  I also provide family discounts
  • I provide unique performance opportunities for those students that desire it.  I also provide a studio party at the end of each semester as a thank you to all my students for all their hard work. 

Private Lesson options include 30, 45 and 60 minute options.  I reserve the 30 minute spots for my younger Beginners and those in Level 1 and 2 of their instrument.  Once a student reaches Level 2 there is much more work required at this level of learning and I recommend they move to 45 or 60 minute lessons from that point on.  We would discuss this when the time arrives.  

Buddy Lessons

40 Minutes60 Minutes
Small Group (Rotating) Lessons

60 Minutes
Semesterly$306=34 lessons per year
Monthly$68= $18 per lesson (3 student max)
Solo (Private) Lessons

30 Minute45 Minute60 Minute
Mini Musicians Preschool Class

45 Minute Group Class

=8 Week class

Intro to Voice

60 Minute Group Class

=12 classes per semester

Punch Card Option:

This is something new I am offering this year.  If you cannot commit to weekly lessons or you need an even more budget friendly option, these are perfect for you.  Punch cards include 8 thirty minute lessons which you can schedule in on any open slot time each week.  My calendar is updated weekly to show any openings for makeups or part-time students.  Punch cards are ineligible for pre paid or family discounts.

Group Class Options:

Intro to Voice - ages 5-9

For Young Singers who are 5-9 years old who would like to get started in vocal lessons in a small group setting. This is a fun, energetic small group class (6 student max). Classes incorporate singing, music theory, movement, performance and fun! :) Classes run in 12-week sessions and include a lesson book and all other materials.  Classes must have 4 students to run.  

Mini Musicians 1 - ages 3-5

For preschoolers who wish to learn piano and general music in a fun, group setting!  Learn to play piano thru singing, piano keys, games, fun, rhythm, improvisation and making their own music from the word GO!  They will also learn about musical instruments in the orchestra thru fun musical activities and exploration.  Check out the Mini Musicians Page for more information.  Classes must have 4 students to run.


All private lesson students are required to purchase their own books.  Books range in price from $10-18.  I provide most other materials.  Occasionally you will be asked to purchase solo music packs for holidays and special events.  These are generally $3-8 depending on how many pieces are in each pack.  I will always let you know when it's time for your student to move on to the next book in their series. 

I look forward to working with you or your child.  I know they will enjoy their time with me in lessons as I strive to make it as fun as possible.  Lets take this musical journey together!  


       "Anna is a good teacher because she is nice!"-Tanner (Age 5)       

"Anna is an amazing piano teacher. Our kids are back to being excited about playing again. She helps students choose songs that they enjoy playing, and uses games and incentives to keep the students interested and having fun. She is a very positive personality and is GREAT with our kids. Can't recommend enough!" ~Lucas B.

"Anna is an incredible teacher.  She zones in on the interests the kids have and gears some of the learning toward that with song choices.  She's creative with making music fun, which aids in the learning process as well.  She's patient and talented herself.  We are so grateful we have found her!" ~ DJ Combs

"I am so glad we found Anna! She works hard to make lessons fun for my two kids. She is encouraging and motivating, finding, and even writing, music that my kids wanted to play! She is such a wonderful teacher that I decided to join in and learn to play piano too. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Anna. I would (and have) highly recommend Anna Goldthorpe Music to anyone looking for the best piano, guitar or voice teacher." ~ Julie H.