Hi I'm Anna!  I am so honored that you would consider me to help guide you on this important and life changing journey of learning piano, guitar or voice!  Let me tell you a little about myself and I look forward to welcoming you into my studio!

 I have a B.S in Music and Psychology from University of Idaho and am continuing on to my Masters so I can pursue my dream of becoming a Musical Therapist.  I have taught music for over 15 years in a variety of settings both locally and internationally.  I have taught well over 500 students through the course of my career from all walks of life.  I am also a singer/songwriter and released an EP in January of 2012 available on iTunes.  

I have trained with internationally respected musicians and worship leaders from all over the world.  I attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia, where I served on the Hillsong worship team for over 2 years.  I also served as Vocal and Performance Coach for team USA of the World Championship of Performing Arts and saw several of my clients signed with record labels and top Talent Agencies in Los Angeles.  I have taught at public schools, music theater companies, talent agencies and private music schools but have found my niche in one-on-one private lessons with my students.  I am passionate about igniting a love of music in all my students and find joy in helping each student to find their unique voice.  

Here’s what you can expect from me…

I promise to treat my students and families with care and respect.

I will always give you my best, when it comes to instruction.

I will always return your call or email in a timely and professional manner.

I will always treat your children as my own.

I will always be on time.

I will always listen when you have a concern, and try my best to solve the problem.

I will always own up to my mistakes.  (On the rare occasion that I am human…)

I will always be there for any student for any reason.